Learn your alphabet in 28 days of fun

Learn a letter a day with Mini Prep’s school readiness program for beginners

(3-5 year olds)

Our Ready for School Program is for reading and writing preparation with a major focus on developing essential pre school skills for big school tasks like writing, cutting, moving puzzle pieces, buttoning, zipping, using a fork and spoon and tying shoe laces. 

To develop essential literacy skills we believe that a mixture of worksheets, messy, hands on play and digital access allows a child to be ready for big school. 

We focus on letter recognition and their sounds for reading and writing, motor skills to enhance our little and big muscles, and physical activity to promote healthy and active lifestyle.  Our program extends children’s learning to problem solve, explore, create, imagine and make choices, holistically preparing our mini people for big school.

We have designed a flexible program to suit your family, lifestyle and schedule.  Play and learn when it suits you.

Prepare your mini person for big school, whilst becoming a confident learner.

How to use the 28 day program

You will receive daily emails for 30 days inclusive of a -z worksheets, activities, expert tips and play ideas for an understanding of the English alphabet.  They will offer lesson plans that will take no more than half an hour a day or if your schedule allows stretch it to hours of fun and learning.  The weekend emails will be filled with fun activities the whole family can enjoy.

What your child will learn


  • Learn the alphabet in the English language
  • Letter sounds
  • Uppercase and lowercase letter recognition
  • Tracing
  • Matching lower and upper case letters
  • Pencil grip
  • Fine and Gross motor skill activities
  • Games and activities that extend on learning
  • increased memory
  • Learn through play


Heres what a week on the program looks like:

Daily sounds with mini prep app (approx. 5 mins)

Monday – The letter A worksheets plus our fave mini munchies

Tuesday – The letter B worksheets plus book list

Wednesday – The letter C worksheets plus our action mini moves

Thursday – The letter D worksheets plus 25 ways to praise a child

Friday – The letter E  worksheets plus our action dice activity

Saturday – Weekend fun activities, magic, fun

Sunday – Family Fun experiences for everyone

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Ready for school printable ebooks

Alternatively, you can also purchase a range of different printable ebooks including a skills pack with 67 pages of activities, flash cards, memory games, threading letters and much more.