Meet the Mini Prep Team

Introducing the Mini Prep Team

Introducing a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds characters who love learning new things as well as growing their important big school skills with confidence through fun activities and experiences that promote learning and development.

Ruby, Roka, Remi and Rusty have been created to represent important early childhood areas of development and a healthy lifestyle in a superhero inspired way that is fun and educational.

Ruby is a cheerleader. Her favourite colour is purple. She loves walking on her hands and can do three somersaults in a row. Ruby promotes physical activities and experiences that relate to children’s likes, interests, abilities and identity. She loves colour and takes any opportunity to do art and craft.


Roka, loves origami, and holds a record at preschool for making lots and lots. He can make 5 in 5 minutes. Roka loves fine motor skills activities like origami and puzzles. It increases cognitive and thinking skills. He loves a challenge and problem solving gives him confidence.


Remi loves to eat colourful food like blueberry jam on my croissants, oranges and green beans. Remi is a great role model for eating nutritious food and creating healthy food habits for healthy bodies. He enjoys cooking and colouring in and being social.


Rusty is very cheeky and can count to 100. He loves numbers and can make a kookaburra sound that makes people laugh. Rusty is a fun loving character that likes attention and is clever with mathematics. He can include numbers and counting into any activity.


Ruby, Roka, Remi and Rusty all love letters and phonemic awareness. Their favourite letter is ‘R’! They have individual likes and various talents and they are all Unique! They are from diverse backgrounds which makes them Special, Exclusive and Awesome! They all love and learn from each other.

A mix of cognitive, language, physical, social, along with many more activities in early learning experiences set the foundation for further learning at big school. An early introduction to activities involving basic skills will promote enjoyment and excitement whilst developing skill and concepts that promote learning and stimulate growth. Practicing these skills will increase your child’s confidence and prepares them for future learning.

Join us on our journey of discovery, exploration, imagination, creativity, learning and development!



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