Be your own kind of Superhero

We are all have our own story!


Kids need to know they are important and that they are going to be important!

Every child is unique and will grow in their own time.  There is no race!  There is no prize!

The world is so big and there is so much for your mini people to learn, love and experience.  Singing, dancing, laughing and learning.  Every child will read and write in their own time.  The best support you can offer is time and early childhood opportunities.  These opportunities are endless, lots of them through playing.  Let them be little 🙂

Here’s how to allow your mini people to be their own kind of superhero!

1. Wear Your Bestest Outfit – whatever makes them feel good, lip gloss, Buzz Light Year get up, the same fairy princess outfit 5 days in a row! Its important to be and feel fabulous everyday.  There are no rules in early childhood!

2. Have Happy Spaces – Allow spaces around your home or out and about that create happy moments, a cubby house under the dining table, a favourite swing, a park, under the bed, at Nan and Pops house or kindy.  After a day out or a busy visit to the grocery store or feeling blue, these are places where our little superstars can unwind, rest and be happy, you can either join them or have 5 minutes in your own space. You don’t have to go where everyone else is going!

3. Eat Yummy Healthy Food – Some days there will be ice cream some days there won’t.  Make it together, eat it together! Make those veges attractive to eat. Let them make some menu choices.  They are more likely to eat it if they choose it.  If you have a fussy eater, try serving a bowl (of what it is they don’t like, for example, cherry tomatoes) at lunch and dinner as an option and eventually they will try it or eat it because its just there. It Works! Your family, Your health, Your rules!

4. Opportunity – The sky is the limit for our future leaders, Play as often as you can.  Participate in their make believe games, adventures, exploration, creativity, encourage your child, give lots of praise, Believe in them, spend time with them and tell them you love them every day.  We all grow up fast and follow different paths and dreams!

If your child is feeling a little different, I recommend this fantastic book to read ‘A bad case of stripes’ By David Shannon.

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Sally, Mini Prep Headquarters

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